Candidate Views

There are many reasons to vote for a candidate: party affiliation, position on taxes, jobs and national security. Here, you’ll get a review of the candidate’s views on clean energy, clean air, clean water, climate and sustainability! Where available, it includes the candidate’s policy positions, voting record, ratings and a listing of campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry based on publicly available information.

In addition, candidates in select races are invited to share their views through a questionnaire. Their responses (if any) are provided. Candidates are contacted several times; lack of a response to our inquiries is noted. Failure to provide voters with their positions indicates their opposition or low priority.

Due to limited volunteer time and resources, only major party candidates in select contested races are evaluated.

2024 Primary Election is on May 7, 6 am – 6 pm

  • Early voting begins April 9th. Find location & hours at your local County Election Office.
  • Register to Vote or Check Voting Status at the Indiana Voter Portal. Check Voting Status will also show who’s on your ballot and voting locations
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