Candidate Views

This is a nonpartisan summary of the candidate’s views, policies, positions, statements and votes related to climate, sustainability and resilience. Due to limited resources, only major party candidates in select contested races are evaluated.

2023 general election

Mayor of Carmel
Nelson v Johnson v Finkam
Carmel City Council, At Large (Vote For 3)
Draper v Madore v Snyder v Taylor v Worrell
Carmel City Council, North Central Dist
Culver v Ayers
Carmel City Council, Northwest Dist
Brown v Locke
Carmel City Council, South Central Dist
Irvine v Green
Carmel City Council, Southeast Dist
Eltz v Aasen
Carmel City Council, West Dist
Joshi v Matthes
Mayor of Evansville
Terry v Daugherty v Rascher
Evansville City Council, At Large (Vote For 3)
Allen v Green v Johnson v Bassemier v Beane v Weaver
Evansville City Council, Ward 1
Trockman v Edwards
Evansville City Council, Ward 2
Mosby v Rivera
Evansville City Council, Ward 3
Heronemus v Kratochvil
Fishers City Council, At Large (Vote For 3)
Stevenson v Vare v Coble v Ditlevson v Zimmerman
Fishers City Council, NC Dist
Neumann v Delucia
Fishers City Council, NE Dist
Chapman v Dereamer
Fishers City Council, NW Dist
Mclellan v Stoller
Fishers City Council, SC Dist
Skeeters v Weingardt
Fishers City Council, SW Dist
Stuart v Giffel
Mayor of Greenfield
Anderson v Jr v Titus
Greenfield City Council, Dist 4
Pearson v Lowder
Greenfield City Council, Dist 5
Morris v Moore
Mayor of Lafayette
Roswarski v Milanowski
Lafayette City Council, Dist 2
Weiss v Fisher
Lafayette City Council, Dist 4
Ahlersmeyer v Eller
Lafayette City Council, Dist 6
Downing v Barbee
Noblesville City Council, At Large (Vote For 3)
Gilliam v Elliott v Peterson v Schwartz
West Lafayette Citycouncil, At Large (Vote For 3)
Blanco v Bellisario v Sanders v Flannelly v Russell
West Lafayette City Council, Dist 1
Veidemanis v Abell
West Lafayette City Council, Dist 5
Parker v Waters
West Lafayette City Council, Dist 6
Burr v Brown
Westfield City Council, At Large (Vote For 2)
Lane v Huff v Wanninger
Westfield City Council, Dist 4
Lowry v Tamm
Zionsville Town Council At Large (Vote For 2)
Graef v Rubeck v Norris v Stein
Zionsville Town Council Dist 1
Mcelderry v Harris
Zionsville Town Council Dist 2
Ramer v Plunkett
Zionsville Town Council Dist 3
Mitchell v Melton
Zionsville Town Council Dist 4
Casady v Sampson
Zionsville Town Council Dist 5
Stoner v Burk
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