2023 Primary Candidate Views

The Green Voters Guide represents a non-partisan evaluation of policies, positions, statements and votes to identify the "greener" candidate(s) within select races. The environmentally-friendly candidate(s) who in our opinion are most likely to address climate issues get a green checkmark. Due to limited resources, only major party candidates in select races are evaluated.


Carmel Mayor
Finkam v Glynn v Rider
Carmel City Council At Large (3 to be elected)
Blake v Snyder v Taylor v Worrell
Carmel City Council North Central District
Ayers v Ford v York
Carmel City Council Northeast District
Engle v Minnaar
Carmel City Council Northwest District
Barnes v Locke v Niederberger
Carmel City Council West District
Matthes v Tadikonda
Columbus Mayor
Ferdon v Smith
Evansville Mayor
Musgrave v Rascher
Lebanon Mayor
Gentry v Horn
Noblesville Council At Large (3 to be elected)
Elliott v Field v Gomillion v Peterson v Schwartz
Noblesville Council Disttrict 5
Johnson v Shanehsaz
Westfield Mayor
Burkman v Gilbert v Willis
Westfield City Council At Large (2 to be electd)
Huff v Tomamichel v Wanninger
Westfield City Council Disttrict 1
Dartt v Keen
Westfield City Council Disttrict 2
Bouse v McCarty
Westfield City Council Disttrict 3
Duepner v Griffiths
Westfield City Council Disttrict 4
Frei v Tamm
Westfield City Council Disttrict 5
Herron v Johns
Zionsville Mayor
Burgess v Stehr
Zionsville Town District 3
Campbell v Davis v Melton
Zionsville Town District 4
Lusk v Plopper v Sampson


No contested races in Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville, Zionsville.

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